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The Future of the American Center By David Brooks

Over the past few decades, party loyalty has been the defining feature of national politics. Especially in the House but even in the Senate, members deferred to their party leaders. Congress as a whole deferred to the presidency. Members of the president’s own party acted as his foot soldiers. Members of the other party acted

Raja Mandala: Neweurasia By P chidambaram

A spectre is haunting Eurasia — the spectre of Donald Trump, who has threatened to overturn the core principles of American strategy towards Europe and Asia since the end of the Second World War. Chancelleries across Eurasia, from Paris to Tokyo, Brussels to Singapore and Berlin to Seoul, are scrambling to come to terms with

The Life and Example of Gwen Ifill By David Brooks

Smartphones change death. When I heard that Gwen Ifill had died on Monday I pulled out my phone and scrolled through the photo album. There were pictures of Gwen and her “NewsHour” colleague Judy Woodruff laughing uproariously together, doing little exploding fist-bumps, which I sneakily took while she was heroically covering the political conventions this

The View From Trump Tower By David Brooks

If your social circles are like mine, you spent Tuesday night swapping miserable texts. Not all, but many of my friends and family members were outraged, stunned, disgusted and devastated. This is victory for white supremacy, people wrote, for misogyny, nativism and authoritarianism. Fascism is descending. I was on PBS trying to make sense of

Trump’s Rural White America By Charles M Blow

As I watched last week as protesters took to the streets in big cities, what struck me was the vast and growing divide between America’s rural and urban populations and their politics and sensibilities. One look at county maps of this year’s election results and you see what looks like a handful of blueberries sprinkled

America Elects a Bigot By Chales M Blow

Donald J. Trump is president-elect of the United States. Now there’s a sentence I never thought I’d write. Against all odds and against all forms of the establishment, he prevailed. He won, legitimately, including in many states that were thought to be safely blue. The pundits and the polls were wrong. There was more pent-up