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Violating airspace: FO confirms shooting down Iranian drone

ISLAMABAD:  Pakistan confirmed on Wednesday that it shot down an Iranian drone in Punjgur after it was found flying inside its territory. The confirmation came from the foreign office a day after media reports suggested that Pakistan Air Force (PAF) shot down Iranian drone deep inside Pakistan airspace. “The drone was hit by Pakistan Air

Donald Trump: The Gateway Degenerate By Chales M Blow

Last week, when voters in Montana elected Greg Gianforte to fill the state’s lone seat in the House of Representatives, even after he was recorded in a physical altercation with a reporter, many Americans — like me — were left to look on in astonished bewilderment. There was an audio recording of the altercation. The

Across the aisle: That sinking feeling — 2 by P Chidambaram

Everyone has likes and dislikes. They concern food, clothes, books, friends, neighbours, politics and practically everything else. That is why it is said ‘one man’s food is another man’s poison’. Family, culture and religion have a profound influence on one’s likes and dislikes. One may argue for what one likes (“vegetarian food is sufficient for